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What are the benefits of this agreement?

First of all, the buyer will be protected, that is, he will not be subject to any change of mind by the seller. Then, again the buyer, will be able to sleep peacefully, not having to fear judicial mortgages that are borne by the seller: the sale is transcribed in the real estate registers and any possible mortgage on the seller’s assets will have no value towards the future owner. For his part, the seller also remains calm: if the buyer does not pay the price he is not bound to the sale since the ownership of the asset has not been transferred. If the buyer does not pay, the seller has the option of having the court declare the termination of the contract. Another guarantee for the seller: the release of

In the event of non-payment, the seller must return all the installments collected, but without prejudice to the right to a fair compensation for the use of the asset together with compensation for damage

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As far as taxation is concerned, this contract shows only one weak point : since it is a sales contract, taxes must be paid immediately. In addition, the buyer is responsible for the property tax, the waste tax, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and renovation costs.

Systems for buying a house without a mortgage: sale with retention of title

With this system – thanks to a particular sales contract – it is possible to enter the house and pay the property in installments. The property remains with the seller until the established amount is paid.  In the event that the contract is not respected, the seller can request its termination, simultaneously returning the money received.

Systems for buying a house without a mortgage : rent to buy

It is an ideal solution for all those who have been renting for years and would like to buy a house, but cannot afford a mortgage. The lease agreement includes a particularity, that is, the option that the property can be purchased in the future. The monthly fee is typically 10-25% higher.

At the expiration of the contract, the tenant can choose whether to redeem the house or not to proceed with the purchase. Another positive aspect is that all expenses, including Imu, remain the responsibility of the owner until the sale is concluded.